Somebody Else to Do It
A mobile app that outsources the dirty job of doing your laundry

By Bob Woods

Death, taxes … and laundry. While all three are dreaded, the first is inevitable and the second punishable if evaded. The third? Theoretically, you could go an entire lifetime without doing your laundry (an especially tempting thought for college students), but that’s not the best idea, of course. To save that dreaded time and effort, maybe someone else should do it.

That’s the proposition Kevin Fich (BS ’17) and Don Sirivat, a rising senior, came up with in developing the business plan for CleanSwipe. They describe the service as “a mobile platform that provides users an easy way to schedule laundry appointments on college campuses.”

In devising the plan, they loaded three laundry-related dilemmas students face (time constraints, too few washers and dyers in dormitories, and the sheer effort of it all) into their entrepreneurial mind-machines. After spinning through the requisite cycles, from market research and competition to pricing and financial forecasting, Fich and Sirivat delivered a tidy solution.

The business model begins with a student using the CleanSwipe mobile app to request a laundry pickup and selecting drop-off and payment options. On the other end, also via the app, the so-called CleanSwiper receives the order, arranges pickup, does the laundry – personally or through a third-party service – and receives payment after delivery back to the student. CleanSwipe gets its cut, of course, and everybody comes away happy.

Fich and Sirivat came away from the competition with an honorable mention award that, whether or not CleanSwipe materializes, will at least cover their respective laundry bills for a while. Taxes and death to follow.

Spring 2017
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